As a mother of two and partner of an entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to run a busy and sometimes stressful household.  

While dealing with everyday life, juggling priorities, I wasn’t really experiencing any sense of calmness. Although I managed to make it all happen, I couldn’t find the satisfaction or harmony I was looking for. Then I realized my life was lacking space; physical space as well as headspace. 

I’ve always been a tidy person, so I started reorganizing our home. And our life. I learned that a well-organized work- and living space gave me peace of mind. Finally! After a 20+ year career in fashion, I decided to leave my job. I am on a new mission: I want to help others create space, so they can experience more time and energy to allow more room to live, relax and enjoy life.

I offer logical and practical systems to create order and structure. Simple but appealing solutions can have a life changing effect. Let’s get in touch and make your house a home!

Monique Gort
Home organizer