MY Method

1.   Free consultation
I would like to get to know you and your space. Together we discuss your family’s struggles, needs and goals. Based on your lifestyle and daily routine,I will create a sustainable system, easy to maintain and to fit your home and interior.  

2.   Receive a quote
Soon after the consultation, you will receive an overview of the project and my proposal. I will split the work by space and depending on your wishes, we agree on pricing by hour, by session or by project.  

3.   Approval
Once the quote is approved, we will schedule a date or several dates for the project. 

4.   Let the fun begin!
Together we first sort and categorize the items. You decide on what to keep or lose. Items you don’t need in your life anymore can be sold, donated or disposed of. When the actual organizing starts, it’s time for you to sit back and relax! I will try to re-use storage material which is already at hand and/or if desired (depending on the budget), I will use additional products to beautifully display your items.      

5.   The reveal
I will show you the end result and guide you through the different spaces to explain how your customized organizing system is easy to maintain. After the project is finished, I will be available for additional support and coaching if necessary.